About the Workshop


Social computing technologies are emerging to support innovative new relationships between organisations and the public. Inspired by concepts such as collective intelligence and crowdsourcing, diverse organisations are exploring new ways to increase engagement with the public, collect localised knowledge, or leverage human cognition and creativity.

The COP2014 workshop will assimilate the craft understanding and experimentation underpinning innovations in relationships between public and professional realms. We aim to provide an opportunity for discussion and to build understanding of the principles of making these sociotechnical systems work, and discuss possible designs and opportunities that may be valuable and remain underexplored. As a tangible outcome, our main goal will be to co-author a paper discussing our positions on current systems and future visions, for submission to Communications of the ACM.

We welcome participation from interested organisations, alongside those conducting research in this area. Topics of interest include: How can systems be designed for participation that is beneficial to individuals and organisations? How do we draw boundaries between ‘official’ and externally-generated knowledge? How can professional activities connect with the just-in-time, emergent nature of amateur interactions?

To apply, please submit a position paper by November 15th 2013  Extended to December 1st, 2013. Please see the Call for Participation for additional information.

Please note that the Call for Participation is now closed. For more information, please see the Selected Papers and the List of Participants.